What have *you* learned from homeschooling?
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    Default What have *you* learned from homeschooling?

    What?! You mean I was supposed to be learning too?! While I'm not sure learning is a requirement for homeschooling parents, I'm not sure it's avoidable either. Just a few of the many things I have learned about due to homeschooling my kids are:

    sending letters in Mesopotamia (clay letters and envelopes entrusted passing travelers)
    just how many different styles of cursive there are
    patience, patience, patience (Argh! I mean.. Oh bother)

    What has everyone else learned?

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    Excellent! I think the thing I have learned most recently is that my daughter is a unique individual. She is special, and different, and smart, and funny. She has her own brand of learning style. If she had remained in public school I am pretty sure that I would not know about her uniqueness, and I'm also pretty sure that any semblence of a learning style would have been wiped out by now.
    Also, that I've come to realize that my homeschool doesn't look like yours. Or anyone else's for that matter. It is mine and my daughter's. And that is a truely beautiful thing to realize.

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