When people give you their $.02
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    Default When people give you their $.02

    about homeschooling, how do you respond? Have people reacted mostly positively or negatively to your decision? Do you have a polite yet witty response for the wary that you can share with the rest of us?

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    I have not had any negative responses to homeschooling. Of course, my sister, who has 10 children, paved the way, so when I decided to homeschool my one it was easy!!
    My response to "why aren't isnt your daughter in school?
    My response: She IS in school! It is very private, and very exclusive. When she was born she took the last available opening for that entering class. The student/teacher ratio is exquisite, she gets one-on-one instruction on a daily basis. There is plenty of training not only in academics, but also life skills. All in all, we believe she is getting an excellent education. What about your child?
    Then I just look at the one posing the question and wait for them to tell me that their child is getting the same quality education.

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