8 year old boy and writing
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    Default 8 year old boy and writing

    My son is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. He is ahead in math, science & social studies but behind in reading and really behind in writing. He know all the parts of speech and all punctuations associated with writing he is having trouble in doing it. We are also having issues with spelling but that is easy to correct if he was willing or able to write. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thank you.



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    I'm in the same boat...8 yr old son (and 8 yr old daughter), my son is ahead in math, science and social studies. He can read really well, but he's behind in spelling and writing. I think he just doesn't like it all. My daughter (his twin) is not as far as my son in math, but is ahead in math, science and social studies too, she LOVES to write stories, but her spelling problems are that she likes to think of her stories and not her spelling, so she spells phonitically. The funny thing is, like I said, my kids are twins, son is a lefty/daughter is right handed. They misspell the same words, the same way and sometimes transpose the same letters, and I sit between them so I don't think they're able to copy each other's work. But, I am proud to say that this last week, both of them improved on their spelling.

    So, anyway, to make a short story long...I don't have any suggestions. For us, I think we're just going to keep on doing what we're doing and things will eventually click.

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    Default Depending on your personal philosophy

    I always think one of the great things about homeschooling is being able to allow the child to go at his or her own pace. We participated in an independent study program this past year, and one of the things the teacher said was that writing is not natural. Some kids take much longer than others. Boys, generally, take longer than girls. It is best to take things in steps. At first you might just dictate things your child narrates. You might mix this in with the child writing one of the sentences. Start with a simple paragraph of something the child is really interested in. The child might also practice typing what you have dictated as part of the process. Alternatively, your child can orally summarize a book, and you dictate for him. Another suggestion is to catch your child playing and simply ask your child to describe what he or she is doing. This might be step-by-step or narrative. You could also have your child teach you something you don't know but that he knows. You take notes on this then have your child tell you how to edit it. At this point, the child can recopy the final version and/or type it. These are just some general ideas. I hope this helps. -Kim

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