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    I am a certified elementary teacher in California (with a New York State credential). I've been teaching at private schools in San Francisco for 8 years. I am considering changing careers, but before I do, I was wondering if credentialed teachers are allowed to homeschool children who are not their own. For example, if I have a friend who wants me to homeschool her child, would that be legal?

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    Hi. Homeschool laws and teaching laws are completely separate. In homeschooling, the parent directs the student's education, regardless of whether they are teaching the child outright, utilizing an online curriculum like Time4Learning to help, or arranging for a tutor to help. The fact that you are a certified teacher would have no impact on whether you would legally be "allowed" to help a homeschool parent in most states, since that parent can choose anyone they like to assist. Your being a certified teacher might influence some parents to choose you over another person to help, however.

    Remember that homeschool days are typically not as long as traditional school days. This is because the student does not have to wait for the end of a designated "class period" to move on to the next subject. For example, if he is scheduled to simply take a math test that day, he might get it done in fifteen minutes and begin immediately to work on language arts. There is also no "crowd maintenance" time spent, such as roll call, assemblies, hallway/locker time between classes, and so forth. Families who try to "do school at home" instead of "homeschool" typically burn out quickly. I only mention these things because those are the families who are most likely to be attracted to the idea of employing a certified teacher for their homeschool, so you might find yourself in the position of needing to educate the parents about that.

    Edit: I looked up California's homeschool laws. Each state has its own homeschool laws. California has four homeschool options, and using a state-certified private tutor is one of those. The tutor needs to teach the child at least 3 hours per day, 175 days per year. Another homeschool option is simply for a parent who is "capable of teaching" to fill out a public school affidavit and keep an attendance record. That is all parents are required to do to homeschool in California. California does not require specific subjects or testing, and there is nothing to prohibit anyone (including a certified teacher) from assisting the teaching parent.

    I'm not an attorney, and homeschool laws change frequently. This is my "experienced homeschool mom's" interpretation of what I found online as of today. It isn't any kind of legal advice.
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