charter school keeping supplies purchased with child's funding?
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    Default charter school keeping supplies purchased with child's funding?

    My daughter is enrolled in a homeschooling program in CA. She is provided with $1000 funding towards supplies that can be beneficial to her education. However, at the end of the year we are supposed to give all these supplies back to the school at the end of the year. Everything purchased with the funding has been labeled with Property of ____
    Charter School. Is this legal? Where can I find specific laws pertaining to this so I can write a letter to the school. This doesn't seem right to me. Anyone who can offer up advise it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Where does the funding come from? Is it from the school? If the school is giving you the funding to get her stuff..... I would think that it is their property. It may be a loophole for them, they have the $$ but cannot buy or provide the supplies so they give the funding to the students to purchase it?
    I will check on some laws for you but not sure what I can find.
    That is very interesting. Have you specifically asked the school about it? If so, did they give you a response?

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    We've been homeschooling with a charter for 2 years and it works the same with us. That said, the school only ever took 1 thing back, an expensive Algebra program with video DVDs (Chalkdust). Most consumables, even though they say they may want them back, they don't want. I have software galore too. One tactic that also works well, if you believe they may actually reclaim and don't want to lose the materials, is to request books in pdf or audiobooks on CD, and save them to your computer.

    They are a public school so the materials they buy are theirs, but don't sweat it.

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