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    Hi I need to get info on homeschooling our children. However I am being told that charters are not requiring children to be vaccinated, also it seems that private school option is requiring parents to have a teaching credential, does anyone have any advice or direction?

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    Not in CA, but here are some California homeschool laws. Looks like you can fill out a private school affidavit so you don't have to operate under a charter school. The only qualifications to do this listed here, is that you parents are "capable of teaching." That could be fairly broad, so you may want to contact your local school board for clarification as to what constitutes that capability.
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    You will need to show vaccinations in order for your child to participate in any charter school functions. However, it is best to call the charter you would like to join to get clarification.

    Also, if you would like to homeschool your children yourself without going through any charter you can. It is easy in CA. You do not need a credential. In fact, traditional brick and mortar private school teachers are not required to have a credential. You need to fill out a private school affadavit. (Filing the Private School Affidavit - Private Schools (CA Dept of Education)) After that, you are on your own to choose any type of curriculum you feel your children would benefit from. This year I chose to do this option. We use a combination of curriculum including Time4Learning.
    If you are deadset against vaccinations, then your best bet would be to fill out the private school affadavit, homeschool as you wish, and join some homeschooling groups in your area.
    Here is more info California Homeschool Network
    Private Schools Frequently Asked Questions - Private Schools (CA Dept of Education)


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