Homeschool "Going Green"

Everyone loves to save on homeschooling and at the same time, help to protect our Mother Earth! I want to dedicate this thread to recipes and ideas that would be considered "green" and I hope that everyone submits an idea.

Since Easter weekend is coming up, I thought I would give everyone a suggestion for coloring eggs the natural way. Coloring eggs and Easter egg hunts have been around for a long time. The luxury of "boxed" coloring kits have not always existed. And you know, maybe it's time to teach the kiddos how it was done long ago!

Items You Will Need:
Enamel Pot
Hard Boiled Eggs
Cheese Cloth (or a clean cloth)
Oil (or nonstick spray)
Soft cloth
Wax Crayon or stick

Chop up the veggies and place in separate containers until ready to cook. Place veggies (individually; not altogther) in enamel pan and cover with water. Boil about 10 minutes or maybe a little longer if you desire a darker color. The longer you boil, the darker the color. Just be careful that you don't boil dry. You need enough liquid to cover your egg. Once cooled a little, strain liquid using colander lined with cheesecloth. Place the liquid aside and let cool completely. Remember that you will need to allow enough room in the container to add the number of eggs that you desire to color at one time, (usually just one). With tea and coffee, you can simply remove the tea bags and pour the coffee into the container you wish to color from. Now, the fun begins! Explore all the possibilities. Soak the eggs longer for deeper colors or just a bit for lighter tones. Do two tones by holding the egg half way into one color and then the other half in another color. Use a wax crayon to write on or draw a picture on the egg before coloring. The color won't adhere to the wax areas and you'll have a piece of art! After the eggs have completely dried, you can take a soft cloth with a little oil or non-stick spray and buff and shine the little critters to perfection.

These natural colorings will give you some great earth-toned colors and help keep our good 'ole Mother Earth green! Remember that in addition to coloring the eggs, these natural dyes will also color clothing and some surfaces, so prepare well. Most of all, HAVE a HoPpy EaSTeR and lots of fun!