Homeschooling an autistic child
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    I am a tutor, homeschooling a child who is autistic. We are in transition in finding the right school for him. He is 9 years old, but is doing lower grade coursework (kinder/first grade). Do you know of any homeschool programs in California that are flexible and in which the curriculum can be tailored to the childs needs? Very much appreciated.


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    A charter school is a really good idea since it's more tailored to the students needs and not the class as a whole. And then also do group learning and foster more creative thinking. The only down side is that there a challenge to get into. I'm here in CA in the east bay and I just found out that there is a specialneeds school here in Concord but you have to be referred there thru IEP so just takes research and persistence. Gotta bug the school district.

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    maybe a charter homeschool? My son has aspergers so can understand

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    Hello i can completely relate. My daughter is also 9 years of age and in a kinder/first grade level. She was recently asked to leave California Virtual academy and find something more fitting for her needs (it was a virtual public school mind you so much for the whole no child left behind act). anyways, i found a Private Satelite Homeschool, which they basically handle all the paper work for state needed. You are free to pick the curriculum. you basicaly pay 25 a month for them to handle the admin side. the website is Morris Academy - ISP in California - Home (they are in the middle of a name change) they have a consultant by the name of Rebeka Wilson (the founder) who speciallizes in Special needs She has 8 adopted Autistic children that she home schools. She also has a Masters in special education so she can help with what ever questions u have. This year i am trying Time4learning as our Core Curriculum as she is more of a visual learner.

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