homeschooling with a charter school
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    mamalovejoy Guest

    Default homeschooling with a charter school

    Hello CA homeschoolers,

    I am currently homeschooling through a local charter school which requires that I turn in work samples. I already know they will not accept computerized progress reports of work that was completed--they want to see the actual assignments. Will time4learning allow me to print completed assignments so that I can turn them in? Please let me know as I am brand new to time4learning, and if I can't print my children's completed work I will need to ask for a refund ASAP.

    East Bay, CA

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    zilmom Guest

    Default screenshots


    You could try opening quizzes, copying, and printing from Word.

    Or if all else fails you could do screenshots of the quizzes.

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    Terry Guest

    Default asssignments

    there is a really cool tool called snippet, if you haven't used it before here's how it works: press start, then all programs, then accessories, then sniipet tool. Select the area to be copied and then cut and paste it to word.

    Our TA accepted the test results--but he went in and took what he needed--Ilogged on for him. He always brought work pages to be completed then or to be picked up the next time he came over.

    Hope this is helpful.

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