Homeschooling one class
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    I have a daughter that is very slow to process and she really struggles with certain classes that move quickly through the material or info that is more complicated to grasp. She is coming into her senior year next year and I would like to make it a bit easier for her. Is it possible in California to just do 1 or 2 classes through homeschooling, receive the HS credits, and still be able to be enrolled in her high school? I am hoping to have her take her chemistry class over the summer at home, to lighten her senior year load. Thank you and please feel free to add any additional info you think might be helpful for me to know.

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    You can use Time4Learning for homeschool, after school or summer school support. You can use Time4Learning with or without being enrolled in school. It is a curriculum and not a school. You will want to contact your child's school, show the scope and sequence of Chemistry and see if they will accept that as credit for your child. Here's a link to get you started,
    Good Luck

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