Hello All, and thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

My 16 yo has always homeschooled, but wishes to attend public school for her last two years, in order to have a sense of a more traditional school experience.

We live in Georgia, where the HS law is that you report hours, but nothing else to the local school district, but you can educate literally ANY way you desire. We have used an eclectic system, but the past two years have mostly used curriculum favored by top notch private schools. We therefore anticipated no problems with her enrollement in our local school. Their forms state that students (such as hsers) without transcripts will be enrolled at their stated level and given 30 days to submit proof (essays, mathwork, etc) that they've been working at the level claimed, and at that point if none is submitted, the school will assess and place accordingly.

However, her counselor advised us that our district no longer complies with either their own forms OR state law and acepts only transcripts from accreditd schools ( ie private schools). A call to the county home school coordinator confirmed this and investigation of the state law confirmed that they take no action against districts that do this. Yup, the South is kind of lawless that way

So, one of the options we are pursuing is sending our DD to California to study this year. All parties involved are enthusiastic about this idea. But, how do we get a California school to accept an out of state homeschooler who has no transcripts? I looked on the website of the school she'd attend and they have no admissions department staff listed (?) After what we just went through, I kind of want to prepare whatever will be necessary before phoning anyway.

Anyone ever heard of this scenario? My son just got his GED and went on to college, no problem, so we're kind of in shock. DD doesn't want to do that.

Thanks bunches ( and may it never happen to you!)