Moving from Louisiana to California
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    Hi, I will me moving from Louisiana to California mid-school year. I currently homeschool my 1st grade son and would like to continue this in California. What is required of me to submit to the CDE to allow me to homeschool? Are there any curriculm requirements that I must follow? Do I need to use some type of accredited curriculm or umbrella school or can I choose the curriculm and teach as I see fit like I do now?

    Thank you in advance for any information.

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    There are some guidelines on the homeschool legal defense's web site...California is fairly flexible in their requirements...but you do have to register your school as a private school with the state, or go umbrella, charter, etc...your choice (several options to choose from) click on CA on the homeschool legal defense web site for more info. HSLDA | Home School Laws

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    Not sure why my post didn't make it? California's requirements are flexible, there are a few options that are up to you. You can find more about the legal aspects of homeschooling in California here:

    HSLDA | Home School Laws

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