Moving from Oregon, in panic mode!
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    Default Moving from Oregon, in panic mode!

    Ok, we have chosen over the summer to not have our minis return to the public school system. We've also decided to move to CA where my husband just started a new job. We JUST got our for sure move date, August 22nd and now I am completely panicking on what to do, where to start, how fast I better get on this, and bless me, I don't screw up on this huge, life altering step in our family! Can someone PLEASE help me! I am looking into online, but not sure about our internet quality where we are going to be, and how that would effect it! So, maybe just "old school" homeschooling? I just have NO idea where to start!! I thought I did, but this late night googling of it all is making me nervous! 😕😕

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    I don't live in California, but I can tell you that I think Time4Learning may be a good choice. Of course, it would also depend on your child(ren)'s learning style. Do they like working on the computer? You can also supplement some of the subjects, like science and social studies/history. These are bonus subjects in elementary with Time4Learning anyway, and some families do supplement in these subjects. You could add experiments to the Time4Learning science. We've used some great easy-to-do science books from the library. And for history, we read books from the library or watch history documentaries. The History Channel is a great resource!

    I like to recommend Time4Learning to new homeschoolers, especially, because all the lessons are already set up, and the progress reports make record-keeping easier. It's a good start...from here, you can just add more, if you feel you need to.
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    Laurie in California Guest

    Default what county?

    Which county will you be moving to? It makes a huge difference.
    Consider enrolling in a homeschool charter if there's one in your county. They give you funds to spend on supplies (and things like time4learning), organize field trips, and give you a guidance counselor who can help

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