I just signed up today. I'm in Lincoln, Ca. I was wondering if this program works for your children? My son has Sensory Integration, mild speech, ADD, Visual Processing, fine motor. He will be going into 5th grade. Were in a charter school. After pulling him from a public school. In which he had not learned very much. Have noticed they just put him to the side. Allow him to play. Instead of learn. Because he was in a IEP. Charter school is great. We had a wonderful teacher. Couldn't get over how far behind he was until we got there. He struggles in Math and writing, language parts. I'm hoping this will help him in the up coming grades. Should I place him in 4th grade in stead of 5th? We also have spend 100's of dollars in Sylvan learning center in Reading. In which I just love. He is a really strong reader now. But can not afford the bill. we started that when he was in Kindergarten. We also used Click n read program for reading for him. Has this program help your child with special needs? Also do you have print out a lot of things for this program?