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    We just registered our 10 year old son (5th grade) and I would like to see some schedule plans that some moms have for their children. I am using this website as our core curriculum and we would like to use the california schedule, of course, omittiing holidays. So if you can guide me or maybe show me some schedules I might be able to use. Thank You!

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    Dear New Member,

    Most parents who home school, at least the ones I know, do not set up a rigid schedule. We may decide what day to start and end on and which holidays/ vacations we will take off. We might plan on starting the day with a spelling test and then following that with language arts and then allowing the child to do a self directed math lesson. Science and history may not occur everyday, but lend themselves well to a larger block of time a few times a week. And of course the most experienced ones realize that whatever you actually planned will probably be altered in the end. Be flexible and enjoy the ride. If your child is enthralled with a particular subject, throw caution to the wind and let them explore it for a while. Of course there must be some structure, or they would never complete a subject that is not their favorite. I have found that we were able to experience many things that would not be possible if we had stuck to a rigid Mon-Fri 8am-3pm schedule.

    As far as a schedule for the school year, I tend to loosely follow my local high school's schedule, since a sibling is enrolled there. My daughter knows that she can finish things early, but if she slacks off, she may be doing summer school. For a daily schedule, I found a link that follows several different families who share what works for them. Daily Homeschool Schedules - Sample Schedules

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