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    our local elementary school is a disaster and they have told us
    1. they recognise our children are gifted and have unusual needs and
    2. they will not under any circumstances meet them as there are too many kids who are far below standards.
    what to do? right now I would like to keep them in school 8am-noon and do homeschool enrichment in the afternoon. is that possible? what do I need to know? I'm new to this?

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    Default Re: Part time school/home school

    ime4Learning allows anyone to sign up at any time. They provide a curriculum and parents use it however they wish. Many families use Time4Learning for after-school enrichment.

    "Homeschooling" is an unfortunate term that doesn't really depend on where the learning is taking place. Each state has its own "homeschool laws" and people who are teaching their children themselves must follow those laws. If your child is a public school student, their school is responsible for following the school laws and you are not "homeschooling". You may be "after schooling".

    The distinction is important, because when you are homeschooling YOU direct your child's education. You decide what he needs to do when and you decide the schedule. If your child is a public school student, you can still use a program like Time4Learning for after-school enrichment. Whether to accept that work for credit and/or to allow your children to alter their pubic school schedule to accommodate what you hope to do with them at home is up to the school (and, typically, they will encourage you to work with your student at home but they will not recognize that as "school" so they do not typically approve such arrangements).

    You can always ask, but schools often do not acknowledge that a parent could do a better job at home, so they seldom approve this type of arrangement. If you want your children on advanced tracks, you might consider full time homeschooling.

    Good luck to you!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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