Please HELP! Emergency removal from public school - Alameda county
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    Unhappy Please HELP! Emergency removal from public school - Alameda county

    I am really lost. None of the online programs are accepting students for this school year and I had to withdraw my 7th grader from public school just before the end of the school year. His grades were poor so he was supposed to attend summer school as well. We currently reside in Alameda county and will be moving to Contra Costa county as soon as we find a house. I followed some of the links in other threads but it is still unclear whether Time4Learning will be sufficient. I am so confused and would appreciate any advice. There is no independent study program offered in our current district. Please help!!

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    Are you planning to homeschool for next year or are you sending your son back to school? You can use our curriculum any time of the year, but since we aren't a school you would need to keep track of your student's scores/grades. Here are the laws for your state: HomeSchool Association of California1Legal 101 They can help to get you started with compliance.

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    Hi There,
    Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be fine. First of all, great job doing what you feel is the best thing to do for your child.Second, It is too late to apply and get accepted into an online or private charter school for this school year. Many are on summer break already. Your option, so close to the end of the year, would be to fill out a private school affidavit. It is a single page form that you fill out stating you are creating yourself into a private school and your son is attending.This is all you need to do. Very easy. This is what I do and many other parents in CA do as well. Here are the links that will help you do that.
    : Private School Affidavit LIne-By-Line Instructions
    Use this to help you fill it out.
    Private School Affidavit LIne-By-Line Instructions

    You may use Time4Learning as a curriculum choice. It is not a school. It is standards aligned, interactive and a meaty product and can certainly help your child now and over the summer. In fact, Time4Learning has a suggested summer schedule to help students get or stay on track. It doesn't require buying tons of books and products. You simply pay your monthly fee and have access to thousands of lessons that are already in sequential order. You also have access to three grade levels at once so you can fill in any gaps he has and let him go ahead for other things.

    Here are some advocacy groups for you to contact to gain more support and direction.
    Homeschool Legal Defense Association-
    California Homeschool Association-
    article about withdrawing mid year( Don't forget to read the right hand article as well- HomeSchool Association of California1Withdrawing Your Child From School Mid-Year
    Homeschool Association of CA-


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