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Thread: Please help!!! Special ed

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    Default Please help!!! Special ed

    Hi!!! I have a daughter that is going into 7th grade and ive decided to home school her. Im lost. She is a special ed student. She has an iep. I cant find any home schools that will take a special day student. She is to far behind to not have the iep.
    Im a little scared to do the home school by myself. If anyones know where i can go or start or anything. It will be greatly appreciate.
    Thank you dawn

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    Hi. You aren't finding a homeschool that will take your child, because YOU are your child's homeschool. "Homeschooling" isn't about where the school work is done. It's about who directs the student's education (the parent). If you find a home where someone teaches other people's students, they are a private school, not a homeschool.

    Here is my interpretation of what I found online. I'm not an attorney . . . just an experienced homeschool mom . . . so this isn't any kind of legal advice. You should know and understand the laws in your state. The best place to find homeschool laws is your state's Department of Education website.

    California has four "homeschool" options. Only the first one is really homeschooling (where the parent directs the student's education). That is the first option of declaring yourself a private school. The other three options are actually public- or private-school-at-home options. The state of California readily admits this, although they include them in their "homeschool" options. (Options are to declare yourself a private school, enroll your child in a private school, ask for a state-certified tutor, or enroll in a public-school-at-home program).

    California only requires parents to teach English, math, social science,science, visual and performing arts, health, and physical education, and to teach in English. They also need to maintain attendance records, although they don't need to submit these to anyone. There is no testing or notification required. There are no requirements for parents, other than that they are "capable of teaching".

    Here is something I found on the web about homeschooling students with special needs in California. It looks like you can still take advantage of special services, but only the amount she would receive if she had stayed in public school (nothing extra).

    HomeSchool Association of California1Legal Special Needs Children

    Here's some information especially about homeschooling with Time4Learning in California.
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    Red face special ed

    Thank you kelly.
    I really appreciate you getting back to me and also looking that up.
    Have a good day

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    I live in CA, what county are you in? Like Kelly wrote, you have a few options to homeschooling legally in CA. You may want to consider a homeschool charter so that your child will receive services. A homeschool charter does not mean that your child goes anywhere for schooling. You are the teacher and you are required to do all the teaching. However, a homeschool charter will provide administrative support for you, they have services so they can support your child's IEP, they often give you funding in the forms of vendors or curriculum.
    If you let me know your county I can look up some charter schools in your area to get you started.

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    Default thank you

    Hi michelle
    i live in santa clara county. I would love your help. Thank you. I have looked into a couple of charter home schools. They keep telling me they wont take her because she is in a special day class. They said i can enroll her without an iep. But unfortunately she cant do 7th grade work. She is about at a 2nd grade reading and 3rd grade math levels.
    Thank you again
    have a good day!!!

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    Hi Dawn,
    I highly suggest you contact HomeSchool Legal Defense. They are great homeschooling advocates . I do not know much about special education and how it pertains to homeschooling charters. I encourage you to contact HSLD as your first go to. Then you will know what you are dealing , what your legal rights are and how to proceed. Here a couple good links to get you started:
    Frequently Asked Questions - Independent Study (CA Dept of Education)
    Charter Schools and Special Education: FAQs for Families
    You can always PM me.

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