PSA done but T4L enough in CA?
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    Question PSA done but T4L enough in CA?

    Hey There,

    \I had used T4L in Texas when I homeschooled my 2 children but now that we are in CA, I am confused on the laws and hoping someone may be able to clarify for me if it is enough to do the PSA and T4L with other school work items (ie writing journal, reading with Q&A, etc.)? We tried getting into a couple different local charters but with it being the middle of the year, there are really no places left. I have 2 children, both with IEP's, but my son has CP and (even though he is a straight A student and very intelligent) the community school is not willing to place him there with his sister. So, we decided to just homeschool again for the remainder of the year (and maybe long-term). Anyways, because Texas is so much different, I want to make sure that I am 'legal' with their requirements here in CA. I keep attendance, grades, all assignments, have T4L records but is this is all I need to do? I did the PSA last week when we were informed of the community schools decision (yes, we know our rights but where we are is temporary).


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    Default Re: PSA done but T4L enough in CA?

    If you have a PSA you are able to choose any curriculum you feel works best for your child. Time4Learning is a full curriculum and your child has access to all the subjects. If you filled out a PSA you are good to go. I am not sure what you do with your IEP. Have you joined HSLDA or one of the other CA homeschool associations. HSLDA will be able to answer questions pertaining to special education.

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