Second year homeschooling.. Anyone from Northern Cali.
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    Wink Second year homeschooling.. Anyone from Northern Cali.

    Loving this program i came across for my daughter. This is our second year homeschooling. She's in 8th grade. Christ comes first in our home and were raising our children with Christian morals and values. Hope to get to know some other moms to offer encouragement and daily challenges with.

    Lori G

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    Hi Lori G.
    I am homeschooling my son, (and I am his father btw), for the first time as he starts 6th grade. The public school system and in particular the middle school in our area are increasingly going against our Christian values and so I wanted to keep him from that environment. We are in Oakley CA. and he is the oldest of 4 soon to be 5. I really like this curriculum as well, but would love any advice on the administration part of homeschooling, you know, like what records I need to keep, etc.. Hope to be able to offer encouragement if not actual advice, since I am such a rookie!!!

    Hilary G.

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