shedule of hours and breaks help?
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    Default shedule of hours and breaks help?

    I am home schooling a 6th grader and need help on how to shedule the lesson times and break times. How much time should i give her for each lesson?

    Please help!!!

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    I also have a 6th grader on Time4learning. I think when you are home schooling, a schedule can vary widely depending on the child you are schooling. Do you want to try and have your child working as long as the requirements of traditional school, 5 hours? Or do you want to tailor your home schooling schedule to fit you and your child? I am home schooling my daughter through Time4learning because she has anxiety and depression. The anxiety affects her concentration and schoolwork in general causes her stress because of bullying she experienced in public school. So my priority is to give her enough work so that she learns something, and is challenged (she was in the gifted classes in public school), yet it does not stress her out or cause her mentally to shut down. I set her up with the work for the day per subject (@ Time4learning the yearly California 6th grade curriculum is set when I enter start and end dates for the year in their scheduler section). After she completes her work (for her only about 1/2 hour per subject), she is allowed to go to the Time4learning Games section and play a game for 15 minutes (a lot of the games are educational and you can set time limits for work and game playing). Then she goes on to her next Subject and completes that. After that she can do another 15 minutes of on site Game playing. She keeps doing this until all her subjects are completed for the day. This keeps my daughter happy and stress free. More time can be counted during the day for book reading, movie watching, art time, and impromptu learning. If your child does not have any physical, mental, or emotional limitations, maybe you would require them to work 1 hour per subject, and then give them a short game time after 1/2 or all of their subjects were completed for the day. Hope you find a schedule that works for you, take care

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