Short Term Homeschooling?
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    Default Short Term Homeschooling?

    Hello T4L Families!

    Our family is considering a cross-country relocation due to a potential new job for my partner. We have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader, and, if the relocation happens, it will happen extremely quickly right in the middle of the school year. After some significant discussion and consideration, we think homeschooling for the second semester of this school year will be the best option. It would give us time to help the kids with the transition to a brand new culture and community as well as give us time to get to know the area before we make permanent housing decisions.

    Right now, our plan would be to withdraw our kids from their public school here on the East Coast at the end of this first semester and not re-enroll them in public school until the 2018-2019 academic year. We would homeschool for the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year.

    My question, however, is if this is even possible. Can we jump into a homeschool curriculum mid-year? Will the public schools accept the transcripts from that semester of homeschooling in conjunction with their transcripts from their public education up to this point?

    Any thoughts, guidance, and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Short Term Homeschooling?

    I'm not familiar with the homeschool laws in your state, but I believe it's possible to start at any time. With Time4Learning, you can sign up whenever you need to start and only pay for the months you are using it. You can start anywhere in the curriculum, which means it will be fairly easy to skip things your children may already know.

    As for getting them back into school, that will depend on the local district. I would probably get with them to find out what they would need from you. T4L doesn't provide transcripts or report cards, so you would have to create your own from the provided percentage scores if you need one. I put my daughter into school for a year and a half after homeschooling her for kindergarten and 1st grade. The school only asked for a report card for our homeschool year (the previous year). I already had one made so submitted it.

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