Hello all,

I just started homeschooling this year. We started my son late with kindergarten (he turned 8 in May) because he was socially delayed, so he is now in 2nd grade, but age-wise he should be in 3rd. Academically however, he has always been ahead. Now that he is homeschooled, and the social aspect as it pertains to being in public school is not an issue, we are thinking about "skipping a grade" and advancing him back to the appropriate grade level of 3rd, because he does feel bad about being old for his grade, and academically he is at 3rd grade level or above for all subjects.

How do we legally "skip a grade" in California as homeschoolers to put him into the next grade? Is there any paperwork that we need to do? We work with a private school as our school of record. Our kids go all day Thursdays to this private school for their elective classes.

Any help is appreciated!!