Homeschooling in California is relatively easy.

1. Join an homeschool charter in your area. To do this simply google homeschool charters in your area. You will be required to prove vaccination or have your waiver for this option. Many of these homeschool charters allot a certain amount of funding for each student to use on curriculum choices.

2. Make your own home based private school. You do not need to be credentialed. You will need to make up a name for your school, have your paper work in between October 1-15. You will need to take attendance each day, have lesson plans, save work or print out Time4Learning reports to back up your state documentation.

3. Hire a credentialed teacher or if you are a credentialed teacher you do not have to do anything.

4. Enroll in a PSP - a private school satellite option.

I encourage you to check out this website to help you gain a deeper understanding of homeschooling in California.
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California Homeschool Network