We're doing 7th grade Summer School!
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    chrissylong Guest

    Cool We're doing 7th grade Summer School!

    Hello to all. My son is doing the seventh grade level Language Arts and Sixth Grade Math as a review and remedial endeavor. Im here to chat anytime if anyone wants to. We're excited to start the program. Happy Memorial day (upcoming).

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    Abbie Guest


    Hello, I was in 7th grade this year, and I failed civics. My mom just registered me for summer school and she already paid and everything. Do you think there is any way I can still begin an online summer shool instead?

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    madi Guest

    Default help

    im in 6 grade but i should be in 7.is there any way i can take classes during
    the summer so next year i can just go to 8 grade

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    AL3X1SB Guest

    Thumbs up 7th grade help

    Hi I am a 7th grade student. You know how you half to be in school soooo many days, wel that's my problem. I have been getting sick sooo much latly and have been going home from school a lot this year. it's the law so I half to make up those days, but I don't want to go to summer school. I want to stay home so I thought of an online summer school would be perfect. If you can help me anybody with this problem email me at [email protected] thanks and have a great day!

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