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    Default 7th grade ???

    I'm new to Time4Learning. We tried out for a month back in 2011 and didn't like it but now my 11 year old has been using it for over a month and it is working really well. We plan to continue for next year, adding living history books to the Social Studies and Noeo Chemistry, and Quest Proverbs for Bible study. For those of you who have done the 7th grade did you find the literature to be appropriate? I'm a little concerned as the book Hush is intended for a highschool audience (as is Scarlet Pimpernel) and the subject matter to me is questionable. How much of Hush do the students actually read? I spoke with our local librarian who advised me to skip it and wait til she's in high school. Any thoughts? Has anyone actually read the book? Also, do you all feel Time 4 Learning with the above mentioned additions is enough for a complete 7th grade, especially in the language arts?

    Thank you!
    Joyful Blessings,

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    Hi, Pamela.
    Welcome back to Time4Learning. It's great that T4L is working well with your 7th grader.

    I'm not familiar with the Noeo Chemistry you mention, but I would say that it's certainly not a bad idea to add science and history in the upper grades. And I believe living books is a fantastic way to do it for History. It sounds like you have enough for a complete 7th grade. It always depends on the student. If your son is an avid reader and you find he needs more, you can always add more books. My daughter is an avid reader. So there are times I've added books just for her pleasure. And there are other times we've done a book club with a study guide. I've used T4L as sole curriculum, but this year I added a few things.
    Bible study certainly is most important. I wouldn't even call it curriculum, but rather something as important as nourishing our body, since it's nourishing our soul. It just goes without saying that we do it.

    As for the Language Arts, only excerpts of the literature books are used, but some families have expressed an interest in purchasing the full version. So links have been offered for T4L members' convenience for purchase.

    Pamela, naturally, as your son's teacher (and more importantly, his mom) you can choose what books he should read and take out of the curriculum what you prefer he not read. Another option is for you to read it with him so you can discuss together the scenes or conflicts in the book....comparing it to how we would deal with this situation, what would God say or have us do in this situation.

    As to your concern with the subject matter of the books, Pamela, I noticed that there are two books with the "Hush" title. I'm wondering if your librarian was referring to the Hush title by author Braddock Bromley, which is about childhood abuse, but is not the one on T4L. The "Hush" title on T4L is by author Jacqueline Woodson. This book is about a little girl who struggles to determine her own place in the world when her family is forced to move to a new city and change their identities under the witness protection plan. This happens after her police officer father makes a heart-wrenching decision to testify against his friends (white police officers) whom he witnessed kill a young black boy.

    The Scarlet Pimpernel, is a classic often found on middle school level reading lists. It's set in the late 1700's and was first published in 1905. It's an adventure/mystery/suspense/action novel with some romance.

    It is not for me or anyone else to say what's appropriate for your family. I just want to give you a little more information on the books. Like I said before, though, you can substitute these books with your own choice of books. One of the reasons for these choice of books is to develop thinking skills, which you can do with any book you choose to be appropriate and discuss with him or give him questions to think on or write a short essay on. Either way, reading and/or discussing the books together is a wonderful opportunity to teach your son more about what God values. Development of vocabulary, comprehension and reading is another consideration. I use SpellingCity as an additional resource to add new words to vocabulary lists from whatever books we're reading, including our new science words.

    Just for additional information, here is the link for the Overview of the 7th Grade. And although you mentioned you've tried T4L before, you may find Helps and Tips useful.

    Pamela, please don't hesitate to ask questions. I've found parents here are very friendly and eager to share our experiences with each other. I look forward to hearing from you again.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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