Alert about 5th grade lesson including dinosaurs as being before man
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    Default Alert about 5th grade lesson including dinosaurs as being before man

    In the 5th grade language arts lesson Prefixes-Quiz 1 (R5013), the word "prehistoric" is defined as being before recorded history; and the lesson goes on to say that dinosaurs were gone from the earth before people were ever here. As Christians, we believe dinosaurs and man lived together on the earth.

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    Hello, Karmen. We are not at the 5th grade level yet. Oftentimes my dd works independently and I may not have caught this. So I really appreciate you posting this alert notice. I will make a note of it so I can use the lesson as a springboard into teaching our dd what some people believe about dinosaurs and what the bible teaches.
    I have 2 high schoolers and we have equipped them over the years to defend what we believe and why we believe it. I'm sure they will come across some professors and students in college who will question and maybe even try to convince them on the theory of evolution.
    Thanks again, Karmen.

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