Is all of the science in T4L based on Evolution Theory??
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    Default Is all of the science in T4L based on Evolution Theory??

    I would like to know if the science is all founded on public school science which is saturated with evolution theory??
    I have browsed around and alot of good science, but have also found some evolution being taught at the grade level we are at (3rd) and imagine this theory may be taught as fact, and more in depth, in the older grades.

    Any insight would be appreciated.


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    The Time4Learning Science curriculum is aligned with what you would find in a public school curriculum (evolution is included). Some parents ask us not to assign the Science lessons to their children, and that's not a problem. This may be an option for you.

    Hope this helps,
    Kris C.
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    We are in our 12th year of homeschooling, but I clearly remember dh and I discussing this issue when my son, now 18, was six.

    We are Christian believers and therefore have a firm belief in Creation. However, we also wanted our son to have an understanding of evolution. We gave him a solid foundation by teaching Creation in various manners. We taped and then watched science shows that had some evolutionary content. We explained why this differed from our belief system.

    So, my son was able to explain that a boat would float by displacing water and Bill Nye, the science guy had great illustrations. He was also being equipped to recognize the evolutionary content.

    Dh and I believe that our children/teens should know why they believe what they believe and how to defend it from various angles. We are sure that he would not be as confident had we sheltered him from the opposing viewpoint.

    My recommendation is to always be present to explain why you believe differently. That gives your child the resources to build his own foundation.

    I hope you are enjoying the program!

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