I was talking to a few ladies yesterday about Christmas shopping. I don't like to do it and haven't even started. One of the reasons is that we don't actually 'need' some of the things on the lists my kids make, and we don't really have extra money to spend on things we don't really need. So I had a thought that maybe we could bless a family in need this year. When I mentioned the idea to my family, my husband had a particular family in mind. My 3 older kids have jobs (two are teens), so they can participate. My kids and my husband are thrilled with the idea.

The family we'll be blessing is actually related to us. They're just mom and son. Mom recently lost her job and immediately afterward was diagnosed with cancer. Son had to quit college so he could go back to work full time. They're struggling to make ends meet.

We could still purchase gifts for each other, just make them small gifts.

I'd love to hear any traditions you have or how you celebrate Christmas.
And if you have suggestions, I'd like to hear them too.