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    Hello, my fellow homeschoolers. So we begin a new year. Are there any resolutions for the new year? I know, I know, a lot of us don't like making new year's resolutions. I like to make at least one. This year it's juicing...that's right, juicing. It's yummier than I imagined to drink vegetables and fruits! We'll see how this resolution works out.

    Last year I resolved to read through the Bible using YouVersion. This was great because I have access to it anywhere, since I have it on my phone. I must admit that I didn't quite finish reading my Bible in 2012, but it was because I got distracted doing other devotionals on YouVersion....which were great too. One I used often was the Josh McDowell's Youth Devotional. I found those quite interesting and used them to read with my kids. Has anyone here done this devotional or any particular devotional on YouVersion that you really liked and would recommend?

    How about you? Do you use any particular devotionals with your kids? What works for your family? And how often or how does it fit into your schedule?

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