Hello, Moms.

So some days, when everyone has gone to bed, I do laundry while I read my devotional or a book, or surf the internet for homeschool blogs or information. I actually enjoy this time to myself. Most of my day is so busy working, taking care of my husband and kids, and teaching my kids, that the last couple of hours of a day alone are refreshing.

I've been reading She Reads Truth. I can either go directly to the website or access it through my You Version Bible app. I am really liking this Devotional. The current plan we're doing is on Women in the Bible. I'm learning how similar we are to these women who lived thousands of years ago. If you're not doing a particular reading plan right now, try it. The study and the comments of other readers who are doing the devotional right along with me are so inspiring!

Is there a devotional or study that you recommend?
Let me know if you try this one. I'd love to hear what you think of it!!!