girl/teen devotional??
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    Question girl/teen devotional??

    I am new to homeschooling and I'd like to start the day off with a devotion with my daughter or weekly scripture memorization...

    Any suggestions on good sites or lessons that I can incorporate into her daily schedule?

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    Jenmomof5, you don't say how old your daughter is. If she's a preteen or teenager, I highly recommend the Bright Lights bible study. You can do it with a group or one on one with your daughter. If you follow the link, you may be able to find a group near you. Or you can consider starting your own group, which is what we did. The groups are usually led by an older teenage girl, but sometimes moms lead them too. I started one in our home for my daughter and a few of her friends. The study comes with CDs to listen to as you follow the lessons in small booklets. Excellent lessons!!
    Oh, and they have conferences too. We attended one and it was amazing.

    Another Bible study we've used, which you can use with kids of any age are the studies at You Version. Once you register, you can find all kinds of devotionals for adults as well as kids and teenagers. We've also used Kay Arthur Bible Studies for kids. And I've also taught my kids how to study the Bible using only the Bible. We'll dissect the Scripture together, me asking them questions since I want to encourage them to learn discernment. Lastly, let me share this link to ChristianBooks where you can find several different Devotionals, including the Kay Arthur ones.

    I hope that helps....maybe more than you asked for. But you've got several options to choose from.
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