I need some ideas for Thanksgiving traditions...please
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Thread: I need some ideas for Thanksgiving traditions...please

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    Default I need some ideas for Thanksgiving traditions...please

    My two older kids are just starting their own families. They'd like to create their own Thanksgiving family traditions, while probably adopting some of the traditions they grew up with.

    Each year I have hand out pretty note paper to each member of the family or friends at our dinner table. Everyone writes between 3 to 5 things we are thankful for....trying not to choose the obvious like family, food on the table, shelter, etc. Some of my kids are comedians, so they make it interesting. We put all the notes in a basket and read them after dinner. The interesting part is we don't read who it's from. We try to guess who wrote it!!

    What are your family traditions or some that you may like to start? I'd love to hear them and share them with my kids...and maybe adopt some with my younger ones. It's never too late to start a new tradition.
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    I like that you guys guess who wrote what. That puts the focus on actually knowing each family member's heart.

    When I was a teen thinking about my grown-up life, I always wanted to have family traditions. I didn't have any as a kid growing up and neither did my husband. Well, I'm kinda grown up now, but for various reasons, it just never happened. Guess I could always start one! We just struggle with consistency! LOL

    We love each other though and that's the most important thing.
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