LA Extensions and secular themes
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    Question LA Extensions and secular themes


    We just joined T4L, and so far really enjoy it. However, I am finding LA Extensions to be slightly propagandistic and secularly-themed so far, but have only reviewed a few of the lessons so I'm hesitant to cancel a potentially beneficial subject if this is a rarity.

    My daughter and I already read together regularly, as well as doing language comprehension. However, she has autism and really struggles in this area, so I would like her to have as much practice as possible. Hence, LA Extensions.

    Do any other parents out there understand where I'm coming from? If so, from your experience with T4L, are secular/propagandistic themes rare within this subject, or should I go ahead and consider canceling the subject altogether?

    Thoughts from more experienced T4L-ers is much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Chelsea,
    Time4Learning is a secular curriculum, so you may come across what you have mentioned. In our case, we use these as opportunities for open discussion. A couple of my kids have graduated from our homeschool, and are now in college. I can tell you that A LOT of what they get in college is secular/propagandistic in nature. And I'm kind of glad for the opportunities we've had to discuss other worldviews, since now they're having to defend their own worldview.
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    Yep, Im noticing how a lot of the reading passages are very worldly

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    what grade level?

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