Hmmm.... I agree to a point. There are extremes on either side of this issue in Christian circles. One says no fantasy/imagination things and the other says expose and talk our children through as above. I choose the middle. Which is allow imagination and fantasy but within God's boundaries found in his word. Which is what? He says we aren't suppose to have anything to do with darkness or the dark side. Sorry, I'm not going to have my kids pretend to be or read things focused on witches. Now if it's a part of the whole story as the scriptures example, fine. I would prefer that they use their imaginations on what they dream about being some day through the power of God. Even if it seems impossible like an astronaut, mommy or the president! They can also use their imaginations to see animals talk. A donkey talked in the scriptures however an animal or plant was punished for leaving it's god-given role in God's creation. For example, when the brambles wanted to lead the trees. Yes, I know it was an allegory but that is exactly the point. Fantasy and imagination is good and god-given within the right context. The point is even pretend/imagination has it's limits within God's creation, not to limit us but for our protection. I do not like giving my young children books with animals doing people things. 1. It happens, outside of my control and I think it's an insult on humanity. It's cute, but if you think about it it's stupid and makes it much easier to convince a kid they came from a monkey later when it's been drilled into them for 6 years or so! Think like a kid... I like animal that talk books but are they in their living environment? Just some thoughts I've pondered over the years... It makes me want to write children's books! LOL! Don't get me wrong I LOVE creativity, and we have multiple photographers and artist in our family so this is a very important issue as they get older if we say there are no limits... just saying... Margaret