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    Default Newbie from PA

    Evening!! I'm RobinSJ , and I've just joined . We have a 6th and 8th grader left at home, we've home schooled them since 3rd and 1st grade. We have five children on their own.

    I initially signed up just for science, I had no idea other classes are available to my children.

    Does this program work for all subjects as a full curriculum? I am keeping with our current math/literature/grammar/spelling program but might use Time4learning to take a break on our busy days. Does this make sense?

    Thank you, RobinSJ

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    Hi, RobinSJ.

    Yes, isn't it amazing that Time4Learning is less than $20 and we get 4 subjects?! And it includes printable progress reports! There is so much I love about T4L, I could go on and on. Yes, we do use it as our primary curriculum. We supplement with good books. My daughter loves to read. And we also do additional writing, copy work/dictation from books or the Bible. We watch educational movies and go on field trips with our homeschool support group. What I love most about Time4Learning is that my daughter enjoys learning and that the lesson planning and record-keeping is done for me, so I get to spend more time with our family.

    So welcome to Time4Learning! You may want to check out the the PA state forum and meet some local homeschoolers there.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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