Hello, Moms.

So as we get closer to the new school year, where are you today? Are you preparing for the new school year? Are you getting the last bit of vacation or staycation time in?

Whether you homeschool or your child/children attend school, let's remember our kids are in God's hands. They are His children. For those of us with children in a public or private school setting, how do you prepare your kids for school...especially a new school (middle school or high school experience)?

For homeschool moms, do you have all your curriculum ready? T4L makes the planning so much easier for us, doesn't it! But there are a few things that some of us like to use to supplement. There have been years that I have supplemented, while other years I've used T4L as our sole curriculum. Remember that God called us to homeschool, He will not forsake us. He WILL equip us! I like to say He is our Principal. I cannot tell you the many times he clearly directed our steps. Time4Learning is a perfect example of this. It has been a God-send for our youngest daughter!!

What's your story?