So we're nearing the end of the year. We live in South Florida and have a large homeschool community. Each year we have a very big prom for the teens, which is usually open to all teen homeschoolers, even though it is hosted by one support group. My 17-yo daughter has not attended a prom yet. This year a few of her closest friends went. I asked her a few times if she wanted to go, but she said no...because of the expense, which is $75 for admission, plus the cost of the dress, etc. I didn't push it because she didn't seem that eager to go anyway. Actually, I think she also wants to save it for her senior year, which is next year. Dad already told her last night that he will be at her prom. I added that we'd both be volunteering. She just giggled and giggled. Thought it was so funny.
So we've been seeing lots of pictures all over Facebook of all the girls that went and their prom dresses.
How many of you all have kids going to their proms? What's been your experience?