Social Studies Curriculum
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    Default Just wanted to say...

    Since this post was about the social studies curriculum, I thought this would be a good place to post. I really wanted to say that I love the 6th grade social studies curriculum.

    I'm a Christian, but providing lessons on all major religions is perfect and very appropriate in my opinion. In public school, religion isnt taught at all. On the other extreme, other homeschool curriculums are only teaching Christianity.

    Religion is an important part of what makes our world what it is, and to understand people, everyone should have at least a general idea of the beliefs that people hold dear - an understanding of all religions. I am delighted that my 11 year old daughter is learning about all major religions in T4L.

    On another note (more along the line of the original posters topic), a secular curriculum I looked into only focused on US History after the civil war for the entire 6th grade term. I wondered what other 6th graders were learning in public school, and after several searches, I found T4L to be right on - world civililzations seemed to be the prevelent topic. I'm just so pleased that T4L takes world civilization a very important step further by not being afraid to explain the religious beliefs of these civilizations. Thank you T4L!

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    Stephanie, I'm a Christian, too, and I agree that it's important for kids to learn about other faiths and world views. I don't want my children to think everyone believes exactly as they do, because that would interfere with their ability to understand and communicate with others. I like to use a mix of secular and Christian curricula. It makes for some interesting discussion!

    I have noticed that many elementary programs spend a hugely disproportionate amount of time teaching American history. Kids are likely to think life began in 1492, when, supposedly "Columbus discovered America".

    Sounds like you and I are in perfect agreement.

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    Default Re: Social Studies Curriculum

    Growing up and going to public school I don't remember learning much about the world until high school! We studied state history and national history, then later government in jr high. The only think I remember about other cultures was studying greek and roman myths in the 6th grade and that was for a very short period of time. In a global economy and a shrinking world, I see the value in learning about other people, including their beliefs. In church we had a series where we learned about other religions. It was, um . . . interesting.

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