Hi, Everyone.

It's so quiet in here. I just want to start some conversations in here. Help me out, will ya?

Summer is usually the time our kids go off to camp or a conference or two, or even missions trips. Some do it as a family. Our daughter was at a Biblical Worldview Student Conference in Johnson City, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. She had an amazing time. She really had her heart set on going on a mission trip to Africa, but that didn't work out. Maybe next year, with earlier planning, she can do it. Something to pray about. In August, just before school starts, our church will be having our youth group conference with a couple of our sister churches. Our kids are really looking forward to that. Last year they had a blast...and my daughter was affected spiritually by it. It was appropriately named Alive Conference last year.

What about you all? What are your plans this summer? Or is there an unforgettable summer you've experienced, either vacation, conference, mission trip? I'd love to hear it!! Eagerly awaiting your responses.