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Thread: Colorado requirements

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    Question Colorado requirements

    We are moving to Ft. Carson in Sept. I've been homeschooling my daughter since April 2012. My question is this: Since we are using "time4learning" does that exempt us from testing in 3rd,5,7,9 grades? I guess i'm really asking does it fall under the independent school portion of the state laws. I'm very confused about Colorado's requirements at this time and I have read everything I could find. Texas there is no regulations so I have free range here.

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    Hi avarne1107, Colorado does have alot of requirements under the Homeschooling laws(which I would google them and read them all)I home schooled my son for the first two years using T4Ling under the basic homeschooling laws,he is a special needs student and didnt want him subjected to all the testing,It would have been just to much for him,so I found a way round the basic homeschooling laws.The laws for private schools are alot different. I have my child enrolled in a private school here in Colorado springs called Spiral Academy and you as the parent can chose what ever means of education you want.We still to this day use Time 4 Learning. Check out Spiral Academys web site to get more info.

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    You don't have to do the testing, you can go the private evaluation route. I do it every time. Anyone that has a teaching license in Colorado can evaluate your child. Which usually consists of you sending them some work samples and they may or may not even meet you. Then they send a letter to the district saying that your child is progressing based on his/her ability. There are a lot of people who offer this service to homeschoolers and are understanding about the general uneasiness homeschoolers feel about testing.


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    In Colorado there are 3 options for homeschooling:

    1. On your own
    2. Umbrella school
    3. Certified teacher teaching child(ren)

    If you go it on your own you have to notify a school district in writing of your intent to homeschool by the time the child is 7. You have to do that every year before school starts (August). Testing or personal evaluation is required at grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Keeping attendance record is required to show that you have held school for a minimum of 4 hours a day for 172 days. You need to keep a record of what you cover each day, too.

    If you are part of an umbrella school you do NOT have to notify any school district. You do have to keep attendance records and record of what you do. Testing or personal evaluation is required at grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. A good umbrella school will offer testing and help with curriculum choices, especially in high school.

    Time4Learning is NOT an umbrella school. It is an online curriculum. You will not be exempt from tesing requirments or school district notification requirments with it.

    If you are a certified teacher, you are exempt from the testing and attendance requirements. However, it is a really good idea to keep records anyway.

    You can find a detailed description of the Colorado laws at this website:

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi, You can also check with CHEC Christian Home Educators of Colorado. They have a lot of information on homeschooling in CO. You do not have to be homeschool on your beliefs. They are willing to help. In fact, the Super Conference they have is Jun 13-18 2013 in Denver. HSLDA will be there along with other vendors and speakers. Kathi

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    Default I have an MAED

    I have my Master's in Education but am not a certified teacher. I thought I read in the hmschooling laws that a "qualified person" could have a teaching certificate, be a psychologist or have a grad degree in education. Based on that info, would I not qualify as an evaluator for my son's work?


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    Default testing

    yes you still need to have them tested or evaluated if you use T4Learning, I also opted for an evaluation. It was really easy, I did everything via mail/email. She sent back a certificate that I mailed to the school district. The testing stressed ME out so since both is acceptable evaluations the route we took.

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