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    i just moved here from Kansas and the laws were super easy for homeschooling. I know we are supposed to keep records of attendance and work covered but has anybody ever been asked to show this? What happens if your records aren't that good? I just wanna know how detailed I really need to be.
    Thanks for any info

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    Wow this forum has been super helpful, thanks for not even one reply

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    Hi Unregistered,
    I just stumbled on to this forum tonight. I use a different curriculum now that my kids are Jr/Sr high students. However, we used to use T4L years ago. I've been homeschooling for awhile and still struggle to keep precise records. I would check HSLDA and to find out for sure. I hope this helps a little.

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    Honestly, you don't have to show much. I've homeschooled here for 7 years and no one I know has ever been contacted to see records of work. Basically just write down in a notebook each month the subjects you've covered and how many hours per day you did them (the minimum is 4 hrs per day, 178 days per school year). Don't forget, you can count things like cooking, field trips, board games, reading time, watching educational videos, all part of your schooling. So even if you only do T4L 2 hours a day, I'm sure your kids did other educational things that day! It is really pretty easy but you can always do an umbrella school if you were worried about doing it all yourself. Good luck!

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