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    Does anyone know anything about homeschooling I might just homeschool my kids but I need a little more information I'm currently staying in a motel and because we haven't been here for 30 days my children's school will not provide transportation and my son has an IEP if anyone can help me thank you

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    Hello, bernageer

    This is a link of a legal analysis of the homeschool laws for Colorado. And this link will provide you with further information about homeschooling in Colorado.

    Each state has its own homeschool laws. When you homeschool,the parent is the teacher of record and makes decisions for their own child'seducation. If you have an existing IEP, you can choose to use it. Some statesalso provide for a PDP, which stands for Parent Directed Plan. Since you are the teacher of record, the Independent Educational Plan would be for your own personal guidance and use as you teach your own child in a one on one setting.

    Also, Time4Learning has put together this free Homeschooling Guide for Families. I think you'll find it to be very helpful. I would also urge you to find a local homeschool support group where you can connect with some homeschooling families.

    Feel free to peek around at some of the other Time4Learning parent forums. There's one for families who are new to homeschooling.
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