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    Can someone guide me in the way that I need to go in order to home school my
    4th grader?
    I don't know the first thing to do - where to get the curriculum, who to talk to if anyone, how do I begin,
    what is the very first thing that I need to do.???????????????????????????????

    Thanks so much,
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    Hi, Melody.

    You're on the Time4Learning Parent Forum. Time4Learning is an online interactive curriculum used mostly by homeschooling families. The Time4Learning curriculum provides members with a full year’s worth of curriculum that is laid out in a suggested sequence with lessons building on each other. The curriculum prompts your child to move from lesson to lesson marking them off as they are completed. Since Time4Learning is self-paced, you can decide how many lessons your child completes each day.

    One of the features that I appreciate most is the reports section that provides progress reports regarding lessons, activities, and assessment scores. It also tracks student usage by date. Parents can log in and review the reports at any time. The tests and progress reports are printable so parents can track progress and, if desired, include reports in portfolios. The printable reports can be sorted according to subject, tests scores only, only certain dates, etc. This also makes record-keeping easier.

    Regardless of the curriculum you choose for your homeschool, it's important that you review the homeschooling laws of your state. Each state has different homeschool laws. Here is a summary analysis of the Colorado Homeschool Law. And Time4Learning provides this page of Information on Homeschooling in Colorado. Lastly, some of the homeschooling moms on Time4Learning put together this free Homeschool Guide for families who are new to homeschooling.

    I hope that's helpful for you. Hope to see you around some of the other forums on here. There's one for families who are thinking of using Time4Learning and another for new to homeschool families...just a couple you may want to check out.
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