Homeschooling an Autistic child in Colorado Springs
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    Default Homeschooling an Autistic child in Colorado Springs

    Hello to the Colorado State forum, I wanted to say hello and see if there were other parents using this service to home school an Autistic child? Just wondering how it was going as I am new to this particular program and I love it so far, there are many resources I have yet to explore Would appreciate any feedback - thanks so much and have a great weekend!

    Jeanette Roloff

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    Hi Jeanette,
    Yes, I'm in Pueblo West, and I homeschool my two boys - my oldest (age 8) is Autistic. We have been using this since July. It has especially helped me in keeping records. I also have more peace of mind in knowing where they are (grade-level wise) in each subject. I have not explored too much else on this fact, this is the first time I'm contributing to the parent forum. Best of luck to you - hope you have continued to find the program beneficial.

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