Homeschooling Special Needs in Colorado Springs
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    Cool Homeschooling Special Needs in Colorado Springs

    Hi. I'm new to homeschooling in Colorado Springs. I'm looking for friends for my 11yr old son. He loves comics, graphic novels, Pixar films, and doing funny voices. He's very smart, just needs help with social interactions. I would love to start a social group for him to practice skills and maybe find a friend. Let me know if you'd be interested.

    I also do brain integration therapy to help struggling students balance their brain and make learning easier. It helps a number of different symptoms, like dyslexia, add/adhd, balance, and more. Let me know if you'd like to meet.

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    Hello I'm interested in speaking with you regarding your homeschool enrichment program for special needs children my daughter has high functioning autism with sensory processing issues and some social issues not behavioral but just extremely brilliant yet so she's a bit immature she could give me a call back I appreciate it will be moving to the Colorado Springs area within 2 weeks my phone numbers 561-201-8894 thank you so much have a lovely day

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