How are you at keeping your child on task? Does he/she take an hour to do a simple exercise that should have taken a minute? Are you always having to tell them to stay focused on task? I have a son with Asperger's and I feel like the majority of my day is constantly reminding him to finish the work I gave him! One of the things I have come up with is a "treasure chest". We have a chart with 5 boxes on each line. If he completes an assignment in a certain amount of time, or does a particularly good job on a subject that is hard for him then I reward him with a sticker on his chart. Once he fills in a row (5 stickers) then he gets to pick out a small prize from our treasure chest!
This works great, but I don't allow him to earn a sticker for every little thing. He has to put forth the effort to earn one. So he gets 1-2 stickers a week, on average.

Does anyone have anything they do to keep their children motivated?