Looking for fellow homeschoolers in Aurora..
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    Default Looking for fellow homeschoolers in Aurora..

    Hi~ we just ended our first year of homeschooling...phew My son just finished 3rd grade. We are looking for other families in our area to chat with

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    We are in Aurora; my daughter is in 3rd grade too. We attend Options in Denver - Denver Options | Enrichment Classes and Support for Homeschool Families - there are also two sites in south Aurora. I also work at exl learning in Lowry offering classes and a meeting group for homeschool families. Homeschool Hangout - exl Learning @ the Lowry Town Center I'm also trying to put together a homeschool PE class at Colorado Gymnastics Institute in Aurora.

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    Hello, we are in Aurora as well, my son is in 3rd grade and we have just started homeschooling. I am looking into the Options program on Iliff, we will be checking it out this Friday. I have not heard about the Homeschool Hangout, what is that? Also, I am quite lost as to reporting his work, how does that work with the state? We were kind of thrown into this option due to a bullying incident that caused many difficulties with getting him to school. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Homeschoolers in Aurora

    HI!!My name is Janet. I am in Aurora and just finished my 2nd year of homeschooling, we just finished 4th grade. So It sounds like a lot of our kids are about the same age! We should organize a park day or something for the kids ot meet...please feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can check out my Facebook page, Aurora Homeschoolers. Please reference T4L to jog my memory LOL Thanks!

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    Hi, Calvary Aurora has a homeschool group meet 1st Tuesday every month at 7:00pm
    the is another group Christian Faith Home School Fellowship too.

    I am going to pull my 3rd grade out of school end of Xmas, and will attend Aurora Options on Friday.
    I like Options New life and Options Iliff, but found out Aurora Options has one elective class that my son would love to attend.

    google Aurora public school, click school, click alternative, click options.

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