After you've got the basics covered, and you've put together a solid foundation with T4L and whatever supplemental materials you've researched, how do you make sure your child is getting that all-important "well-balanced" education? Unless you're an artist, the fine and performing arts are awfully hard to homeschool!

What's a concerned parent to do? I know T4L has a new art component that's WELL worth your perusal, but what else are you guys doing? A few of my kids are involved in a co-op of homeschoolers who perform in a play each spring, and we also participate in art classes taught by a homeschool mom we know who happens to have a degree in Art History. I've heard there are art classes and such at local museums, but they're expensive if you have multiple children to enroll.

Please share your ideas! How can homeschoolers round out their home education programs with fine & performing arts?