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    Hello everyone. After months of debating and one school district switch, I decided to home school my son. He is 7 and in 1st grade. He was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety and some sensory processing disorders. His first school had no idea how to proceed. They acted as if they had never handled a "special needs" child. The new school said he needed to learn just like the rest of the kids and refused to put him on an IEP despite his failing grades. And failing self-confidence. My son is very bright and enthusiastic. He loves learning. He just has trouble focusing. Bright lights bother him. Chatter from other kids, etc. So here we are!
    I am totally new to this and if anyone has any tips, it would be great! I also worry about the social aspect of homeschooling. I have heard that there are small groups of moms who do field trips and get-togethers. If anyone on here does that, please let me know!
    Thank you!

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum and even more exciting...WELCOME TO HOMESCHOOLING!! I have a son with ADD, Anxiety, and he had a lot of sensory issues when he was young, so I can very much identify with you. We pulled him out of school after kindergarten, when we ALSO found out he had dyslexia. I was already homeschooling his older brother (who has Tourette's Syndrome) so it was a natural choice to pull the younger one out as well. And to encourage you, we have now been successfully homeschooling for ten years!!!

    I've heard SO many similar stories to yours about children who don't "fit the mold" of the school system and begin to struggle, and the school just doesn't seem willing to help. Check out this story by Victoria...I think you will relate to some of it.

    There are DEFINITELY homeschool support groups who do all kinds of neat things like field trips and co-op classes and PE and such together. In fact, you often find out there are TOO many opportunities for socialization rather than too few!! LOL Here is a list of CO support groups...maybe you can find something closeby to check out! I hope you will ask as many questions as you need to on the forum.

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